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5 000 000 $

raised to date out of 7 300 000 $

7 300 000 $
7 300 000 $

Why donate to the Together with the HMR Fund?

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR) provides care from birth to end of life for nearly 550,000 Montrealers, representing 26% of the island's population. In addition to caring for its population, HMR welcomes patients from across Canada who benefit from its expertise in highly specialized but lesser-known fields. Affiliated with the University of Montreal, HMR is a leader in cutting-edge teaching and research, focused on three areas of excellence: immuno-oncology, nephrology, and ophthalmology.

HMR is also recognized globally for its expertise in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. This burgeoning field opens extraordinary horizons for the treatment of many diseases and sheds light on the medicine of tomorrow. Despite its strategic contribution to the healthcare landscape, recent years have revealed several vulnerabilities and significant challenges that HMR must address:

  • The urgent need to modernize its facilities;
  • Recruitment and retention of its staff;
  • The vulnerability of the population it serves.

The Together with the HMR Fund aims to provide the hospital with the essential resources to maintain excellence in care, research, and education while enabling it to address its current and future challenges.

« The Together with the HMR Fund ensures that all our patients receive the best treatment. »

« As a physician, I see firsthand the Together with the HMR Fund at work and what it accomplishes. Yes, there is equipment acquisition, but it also contributes to the training and education of our professionals. It ensures that all our patients are treated to the best of our ability. »

Dr. François Marquis

Dr. François Marquis,Chief of Intensive Care Services, Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Thank You for Donating

Your donations will fund:

  • The acquisition of advanced equipment and technologies,
  • Recruitment, retention, and training of healthcare staff;
  • Improvement of the quality of care provided to patients;
  • The expansion project of the Ambulatory Care Center in oncology.

Thank you for helping the HMR Foundation make a difference. Thank you for your solidarity.

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