Donor's stories

Francine Perreault et Jean Soucy


Donor's stories

Francine Perreault et Jean Soucy


Giving to advance research  

Jean Soucy et Francine PerreaultIn 2011, Francine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. Her condition offered her little chance of survival until she was able to benefit from an experimental treatment, here at the HMR. Even to this day, her illness is controlled thanks to it, allowing her to enjoy life with her husband, Jean.

Infinitely grateful to the HMR and its caregivers, the couple decided to support research with a different gesture, a universal legacy.

In fact, Francine and Jean will bequeath all their assets to the HMR Foundation. This generous gesture will allow cancer patients to benefit from advanced expertise in hematology-oncology.

We have always had interest in encouraging medical research. Today, we can see all the benefits it brings. I am constantly impressed and moved by the dedication shown by HMR doctors, researchers and nurses. They work extremely hard.Jean Soucy

In addition to this ultimate gift, Jean and Francine support the Foundation and its activities in various ways, in particular by contributing to the Défi Cyclo-Myélome. In doing so, the couple wishes to make innovative protocols accessible and participate in the medical revolution which will save more

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