Dedicated individuals

Les Amis de Jean-François


Dedicated individuals

Les Amis de Jean-François

25 years of commitment to sick children

Les Amis de Jean-François - Julien, Pierre Dubois, Camille Thibodeau et Marc-André

Julien, Pierre Dubois, Camille Thibodeau and Marc-André

In 2019, “Les Amis de Jean-François” celebrated its 25th anniversary. A look back at a quarter-century of involvement, commitment and action that has developed over the years into a special relationship with the
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) and its Foundation.


In 1991, three-year-old Jean-François was diagnosed with leukemia and died after three years of treatment. His parents, supported by family and friends, made a commitment to help sick children and improve their quality of life. They created “Les Amis de Jean-François”, to pay tribute and perpetuate the memory of their son. 


Since then, they have donated close to one million dollars and financed several projects, including: the development of existing spaces and facilities (isolation room, section of the Department of Paediatrics, etc.), and the purchase of materials and equipment for Paediatrics and Neonatology (ultrasound machines, heated beds, cardiac monitors, treatment chairs, equipment, etc.).


As part of their 25th anniversary, “Les Amis de Jean-François” are combining their efforts to take advantage of the technological developments of the last few years to prepare children for difficult medical examinations by giving them access to the virtual world, allowing them to explore, discover and tame the hospital environment.

Today, in addition to Camille Thibodeau, Pierre Dubois, and their children, Marc-André and Julien, “Les Amis de Jean-François” regroups more than 1,600 donors; its annual newsletter is sent out to close to 400 people; and all donations are directed to the well-being of the young patients of the HMR without any administrative fees being applied.

On behalf of the patients of the HMR and its Foundation, congratulations and thank you!

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