Donor's stories

Marie-Claire Hélie


Donor's stories

Marie-Claire Hélie


When Marie-Claire chose her profession, she had a deep-rooted desire to take care of others. Throughout her career as a pharmacist and still today, as she enjoys her second life as an investment adviser and portfolio manager, she feels as if she is making a difference, in both her clients’ physical and financial health.

When Marie-Claire needed health care, she immediately turned to the HMR. She has always felt very attached to it. This is where her three children were born and where she and her husband were treated on multiple occasions.

“I never considered going to a hospital other than the HMR. I feel better here than anywhere else!”

When her HMR doctor son-in-law spoke to her about the growing needs of various hospital departments, she never hesitated to donate, and she did it in a very particular way. For the past seven years, Marie-Claire has donated shares, a little known and used, but highly beneficial, way of giving.

“I believe that I am very fortunate in life, so it is only natural for me to lend a hand. The cause is so important! Many people don’t realize that you can donate this way, although it is a means of doing so much more with the same donation. With this option, everybody wins!”

Between 2011 and 2018, Mrs. Hélie donated a total of $90,000 to the Foundation to support the Oncology, General Surgery, Cardiology and ENT departments. Her contribution has enabled the purchase of several pieces of equipment that are crucial to the well-being of HMR patients.


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